Suzanne Sawyer: Down Home Girl Studio

Artist Statement:
I value making things by hand and find expressing my view of the world through my creative work to be incredibly satisfying. I make paper, sculpture, artist’s books, drawings, and prints, and I particularly love making objects that satisfy my interests in working both two- and three-dimensionally – to build an object as well as embellish its surface with text or image. Whatever the medium, my work is about exploration and investigation – my opportunity to get to the deeper meaning of things, to process my experiences, whether or not they are represented in the final piece. I often find inspiration for my work in nature, but also regularly find it in human nature – in the motivations of and interactions with people. I am equally endlessly entertained by the complexity and diversity of the natural world, plants in particular. Plants are interesting both for their formal qualities – shapes, patterns, colors, and textures – but also for their rich symbolism. A plant might be beautiful and yet poisonous to consume. That sort of inherent duality is a concept that I regularly explore in my work. Life is complicated, people are complex, and so is nature, so I find the imagery of nature an excellent device for communicating a variety of concepts that are common in human nature, like duality.