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This is the second in a series of sculptural birdhouse books. The birdhouses were built by my granddad and I am in the process of altering them. The small print on the cover is of rhododendron.

The 'pages' are letterpress printed using photopolymer plates on newly formed wet sheets of slightly overbeaten Kozo fiber. Each sheet was then stretched over a wooden frame. As it dried, it shrunk and some of the printing has become slightly distorted. The 'cover' of each page is walnut dyed flax paper.

The image on the first page is a cairn - a stack of 'stones set up as a landmark, monument, or tombstone.' In this case, it is a symbolic marker of my journey of making peace with myself...and a monument to my granddad and the land where my dad now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The image on the second page is an Eastern bluebird in flight. I chose this bird because it is native to this area and it might have inhabited this type of birdhouse. There is a completely intact bird's nest inside the birdhouse...left by an obliging bluebird I hope.

The image on the third page is ginseng root. My granddad used to hunt for wild ginseng to sell. He also kept bees on this same land. The text of this book describes how to acquaint yourself with bees and quiet the hive - basically, it's about making peace. It is an excerpt from "The honey bee: a manual of instruction in apiculture" by Frank Benton, 1899.

Quieting Bees
Quieting Bees
Birdhouse, kozo, flax, brass fittings, wood, paint, letterpress printing
5.5"W x 9"L (22" open) x 11"H