Proliferation is an accordion-style structure and inspired by both William Morris's screens and microscopic images of cells. The prints include monotypes, letterpress prints, and pressure prints. Proliferation is currently traveling in the national Guild of Bookworkers exhibition, Formation.

Suzanne Sawyer: Down Home Girl Studio

Artist Statement:
I value making things by hand and expressing my view of the world through my creative work. I make paper, sculpture, artist’s books, drawings, and prints. My work is about exploration and investigation – an opportunity to get to the deeper meaning of things and to process my experiences. I often find inspiration for my work in nature, but also regularly find it in human nature – in the motivations of and interactions with people. I am endlessly entertained by the complexity and diversity of the natural world. Life is complicated, people are complex, and so is nature, so I find the imagery of nature an excellent device for communicating a variety of concepts that are common in human nature.